VisionGauge Digital Optical Comparators

Compared with traditional optical comparators, VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparators are competitively priced and offer numerous benefits. VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparators:

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  • Available in both a horizontal and vertical and table top configuration
  • Produce a very high contrast image with very sharp edge profiles so that there is no problem viewing it in full daylight
  • Are much more accurate
  • Allow the user to be much more productive and get more work done with a single machine
  • Work directly with the CAD data so that no overlays / templates / MylarsTM are required
  • Can be used to collect images (either with or without the CAD data overlay and with or without annotations), measurements and data.
  • Can also carry out fully automated measurements (like a video CMM)
  • Have a smaller footprint and use less floor space
  • Can be moved much more easily and without requiring re-calibration (i.e. “rolling cart” configuration is standard)
  • Have a much greater optical depth of field, i.e. (everything is in focus all at once)
  • Have a longer optical working distance (i.e. more clearance between the part and the lens)
  • Allow you to compare a part to its CAD data beyond the optical field-of-view! (because the CAD data tracks the part and follows the stage motion)
  • Have LED illumination for very stable illumination over a 10 year life. No more bulbs to change!